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Technical Briefing on Corn and Cassava

Technical Briefing on Corn and Cassava

The Department of Agriculture – MiMaRoPa under Corn and Cassava program in coordination with the Provincial Agriculture Office of Occidental Mindoro conducted a Technical briefing on Corn and Cassava production in Looc and Lubang, Occidental Mindoro on September 11-13, 2018.

The said briefing was participated by corn and cassava farmers, Local Government Units, and private sectors. The main objective of the briefing is to train the participants and encourage them to plant corn and cassava the proper way and technique. 

To increase the farmers` income from corn and cassava, lectures such as seed selection, land preparation, planting, fertilizer application, and weed and water management was given emphasis during the technical briefing. 

It was an eye-opener to the farmers because through the technical briefing, they learned of the other uses of cassava: Livestock feed, sweetener, glue, paper and plywood manufacturing. 

The activity ended with words of appreciation from the participants for the new and knowledgeable information that they have learned that could lead to a higher income than the usual.


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