Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Division

Service Information
  • The Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA) is an electronic compilation of basic information on farmers, farm laborers and fishermen, the target beneficiaries of agriculture-related programs and services.
  • The establishment of an updated database envisions a manageable access to baseline agricultural information by government stakeholders. Through this system, government planners and policymakers could formulate strategies, programs and projects to increase the productivity of the agriculture and fishery sector
Office or Division
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PMED) / MIS
  • Highly Technical
Type of Transaction
  • G2C Government to Citizen
Who may avail
  • Organized Farmer’s Group
Checklist of Requirements

The Municipal Agriculturists shall require the farmers to submit the following requirements:
  1. RSBSA Enrollment Form - MAO/CAO/DA
  2. Latest 2x2 ID picture taken not more than 6 months - Client
  3. One (1) copy of original land title, rent agreement or other legal document which certifies that he/she owns the land. - Client
  4. One (1) copy of valid Government ID - Government Agency
Client Steps Agency Actions Fees To Be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible

1. Farmer registrant after attending orientation and briefing at the MAO/CAO’s office shall appear personally and secure the RSBSA official enrollment forms Once accomplished,


Issue the forms to MAO/CAO/ AEW technician for filling up of farmers None   PMED - MIS staf

MAO/CAO, MAFC/CAFC Chairperson, and Barangay Chairperson shall certify information provided in the form as true and correct.



CARO/MARO shall verify farmers tagged as Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs).



Once the enrolment form is duly signed by authorized personnel, the farmer shall receive enrollment stub (with Reference/ Control Number) from MAO/ CAO. Said stub may be presented by the farmer to DA-Agencies as proof of eligibility and listing in the RSBSA.

MAO/CAO shall endorse the certified forms with Summary of Masterlist of Farmers to the DA-RFO addressed to the Regional Executive Director, for appropriate action.   RSBSA staf
  Receive documents, sort, and classify forms as to municipality, type of commodity, area, etc.   5 min/ form RSBSA staff (sorters/ classifiers)
  Validate the entries & check attachments     RSBSA validators
  Scanning & encoding of enrolment forms to be uploaded to the system     Encoders
  Forward uploaded forms to DA-FOS and endorsed to DA-ICTS which will then be part of the RSBSA database     RSBSA staff

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