Corn is the second most important crop in the Philippines. About 14 million Filipinos prefer white corn as their main staple and yellow corn accounts for about 50% of livestock mixed feeds. Some 600,000 farm households depend on corn as a major source of livelihood, in addition to transport services, traders, processors and agricultural input suppliers who directly benefit from corn production, processing, marketing and distribution.

Corn is also processed into high value products, such as cornstarch, corn syrups, corn oil, gluten and snack foods.

Overall strategy is to fast track the expansion of hybrid corn, cassava and other feed crops production to achieve food and feed self-sufficiency, enhance the competitiveness of the domestic livestock and poultry sectors through cheaper feed inputs as well as generate jobs in rural communities.


Increase production of quality corn and cassava for human consumption, feeds and industrial uses, as well as empower the farmers and increase their income, thereby improving their quality of life.


  • Continue in promoting the utilization and health benefits of white corn grains and expand the market for high quality white corn grits to help ease the pressure on rice demand
  • Continue in promoting productivity-enhancing and cost-reducing measures/technologies to aid corn and cassava farmers gain better income

Focal Person: 
Ma. Christine C. Inting
Report Officer: Aiza Ruth L. Evona