Field Operations Division

Service Information
The Field Operations Division is responsible in providing technical assistance, advice and information on the current trends and technologies in agriculture and agribusiness to the Agricultural Extension Workers of the LGU that will aid them in the provision and delivery of agricultural services to the farmers and fisherfolk and to ensure successful implementation of various agricultural programs and projects.

The Division is also responsible in closely coordinating the implementation of the national agricultural programs and projects with the LGUs; facilitating the delivery and provision of public goods and services and market and agribusiness assistance needed in the successful program implementation of the LGUs; forging a strong linkage, partnership and agreements with the LGUs and other concerned agencies to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of agricultural services to the farmers and fisherfolk.
Office or Division
  • Operations Division
  • Simple
Type of Transaction
  • G2C Government to Citizen
  • G2G Government to Government
Who may avail
  • LGUs, NGOs, farmers, Farmers’ Organization
Checklist of Requirements
  • Letter Request - Provided by client
  • Resolution of the Requesting party
Client Steps Agency Actions Fees To Be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. LGU/NGO/Farmers seek technical assistance Briefing/orientation of the program None 30 min - 1 hour Program Coordinator/ Focal Person/ Technical staff concerned
2. Submit letter request/intent to avail of LSIs Advice how to avail of LSIs None 30 mins
3. On-site visitation, evaluation of request None 3 days
4. Accepts recommendations     30 min.  
  TOTAL   3 days, 2 hours  

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