High Value Crop Development Program


In 1995, Republic Act 7900 known as the High Value Crops Development Act was created. It is an act to promote the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops. Previously the program was called as High Value Commercial Crops Program and since it was aligned with the RA 7900, the program is now known as High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP).

High Value Crops Development Program is one of the banner programs of the Department of Agriculture mandated to contribute for attainment of the food self sufficiency, economic growth and enhancement of consumer’s health and welfare. It also promotes the production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops.

The four (4) pillars that play a vital role for the program are:

  • Land ( productive and health soil)

  • Small producers (organized, interested and competent farming communities)

  • Support System (appropriate technology, functional support services and structure)

  • Legal/Policy ( enabling environment for production and competition)


  • A productive farming community


  • Empowers high value crops producers

  • Helps attain food self sufficiency and economic growth


  • Increase production, income and livelihood opportunities among small producers

  • Access to affordable, safe and health food


  • Delivery of appropriate development support services

  • Facilitate and harmonize development interventions in the strategic production areas/zones

  • Facilitate and promote access to local and international market

  • Proactive management actions on demand and supply situation


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