Regional Agricultural Engineering Division

Office or Division
  • RAED
  • Highly Technical
Type of Transaction
  • G2C Government to Citizen
Who may avail
  • Organized Farmer’s Group
Checklist of Requirements
  1. Letter of Intent - Association
  2. Board Resolution stating the need for the project and the capacity of the applicant to maintain and operate the machinery/ equipment/facility signed by majority members of the Board of Directors
  3. List of male and female members of the Farmers’ group with corresponding signatures and service area. - RAED
  4. SEC/CDA/DOLE Certificate of Registration - SEC/CDA/DOLE
  5. SEC/CDA/DOLE Certificate of Good Standing/Compliance
  6. Profile of Farmers Organization - RAED
  7. MAO/PAO/CAO Endorsement - MAO/PAO/CAO
  8. Project Utilization Proposal - RAED
  9. Utilization Report of all the projects acquired from DA - RAED
Client Steps Agency Actions Fees To Be Paid Processing Time Person Responsible
1. Submit requirements Review as to completenes s of submitted documents. For incomplete attachment, return for compliance. For mailed requests with incomplete attachments, prepare reply listing all the needed documents None 1 hour AMAD staff
  Validate the technical feasibility; and institutional and financial capability of the potential project recipient. Prepare validation report None 7 days Eng.g Plan, Design & Specification Section (EPDS)
  Review of validation report and endorsement of all qualified recipients to ORED.   2 days RAED Chief
  Notify applicant with the result of validation. If feasible, it shall be included to the target recipients which are subject to availability of number of units   Technical Staff
  Notify the applicant if they are among the target recipients None 5 mins RAED staff
2. Secure and sign the Gate Pass, Property Invoice and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Notify recipient once release of requested machineries/equipment is ready None 5 mins RAED staff
  TOTAL   9 days, 1 hr, 10 mins  

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