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DA-MiMaRoPa trains regional GAP team
The participants with the organizers of the Philippine Good Agricultural Practices Certification Pre-assessment Trainigs at La Wency Hotel, Sabalayan, Occidental Mindoro.

DA-MiMaRoPa trains regional GAP team

To strengthen the promotion of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) among the farmers of Occidental Mindoro, Department of Agriculture-MiMaRoPa (DA-MiMaRoPa) held a training for the Regional GAP Team (RGT) of the province at La Wency Hotel in Sabalayan on September 6-8, 2017.

A total of 42 AEWs attended the training that was organized by the DA-MiMaRoPa Regulatory Division with the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS). The AEWs who attended the training are automatically part of the RGT.

The first day was a series of lectures with Mary Joy Goce and Ramona Anne Ortiz of BAFS regarding the overview of the certification program and GAP Certification guidelines. Mr. Antonio Rola of National Mango Action Team (NMAT), followed them with the discussion of the Code of GAP for mango.

Then on the second day, the RGT were taught about the GAP for corn, and other fruits and vegetables with Dr. Josephine Garcia, DA Consultant.

To apply what they learned, the RGT went on a mock inspection at Percy Verranda’s Farm in Bgy. Ibud. The RGT were divided into three groups then, asked questions based on the certification scheme on GAP for corn farms and products.

The RGT applied the proper way of asking questions and how to guide farmers on the requirement for GAP certification.

On the third day, they had a reporting regarding their mock inspection and had a workshop on the development of Regional Work Plan on GAP Implementation and Guidelines for Regional GAP Team for Pre-Application and Monitoring System.

With the help of RGT, the farmers will be assisted and pre-assessed before they undergo real inspection with the GAP National Inspection Team.

The RGT will be the guide of the farmers on the application for GAP to make sure the applicant will be following the national standard.

Mr. Rola said, “after this training mataas na ang level ng inyong kaalaman and with that you have the capacity to be the farmers’ technical advisers.”

Being tasked as technical advisers Dr. Garcia added that they should master the interview form because it indicates the minor and major must for a farm who do GAP. 


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