The roadmap should have all the abovementioned paradigms and present the Vision for PH Agriculture, which should result, as a minimum: Inclusive Development in Farming & Fishing Villages

The roadmap should be guided by the following Goals: increased productivity, profitability, competitiveness, sustainability and resilience. It must also cover a period of at least five years and the ultimate aim is to double the income of small holder farmers and fisher folk.

The formulation of the roadmap should also involve small holder farmers/fisher folk, local government units, SCUs, civil society groups, and the private sector.

Involving small holder farmers and fisher folk will assure that the roadmap will also result in inclusive growth, or the wider and equitable distribution of the fruits of economic growth and prosperity.

The roadmap should also have a value-chain approach to level up Philippine agriculture, while making sure the smallholders also earn their fair share of the fruits of production along the value chain.

The government, through the Department of Agriculture, should take the lead in generating the “big ideas” for the roadmap, and should solicit inputs from the private sector.

The roadmap should also actively involve the private sector, which may have more access to the export markets and funding for research for development.