1. Bayanihan Agri Clusters (BACs)

Farm clustering and consolidation, which will be known as “Bayanihan Agri Clusters” (BAC), involves the integration of government interventions—such as provision of loans, farm mechanization, free seeds and fertilizers, and market support—to organized farmer/fisher groups. It aims to empower stakeholders to reduce production costs, gain more benefits from the agriculture value chain, and direct interventions to achieve economies of scale.

2. Collective Action / Cooperatives Development
3. Province-led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Systems (PAFES)
4. Mobilization and Empowerment of Partners
5. Diversification
6. Credit Support
7. Technology and Innovation including Digital Agriculture
8. Farm Mechanization and Infrastructure Investments
9. Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures
10. Food Safety and Regulations
11. Agri-Industrial Business Corridors (ABCs)
12. Global Trade, Export Development, and Promotion
13. Postharvest, Processing, Logistics, and Marketing Support
14. Agriculture Career System
15. Education and Training: Agribusiness Management
16. Youth and Women Engagement
17. Ease of Doing Business and Transparent Procurement
18. Strategic Communications